Channel Your Inner Jaxx: @ChrisPorterxxx @Kennedy_Carter

Omg this is just…I love Chris Porter and Kennedy Carter. When you have no internet but your cam and Itunes still work the best thing to do is to channel your inner Basement Jaxx!

Sagat – The Action Figure


I want this like yesterday.  Sagat’s action figure is a Tom of Finland doll modified by artist Chan Sama. After this,  I want an entire set of Porn Star Action figure dolls!!! Thanks to Raging Stallion for putting this on their Facebook page. Awesome!

Some Sunday Sagat WTFery

I saw this over at GayPornTimes today. JC called it “a candy-colored acid trip version of a home shopping call-in show, or something.” I’ma say it’s something. What the hell that is exactly, I do not know. Quite like Reese Rideout’s Bananas this is quite ‘special.’

Ice Cream Anyone?


This is Cazwell’s Ice Cream Truck aka Stag Homme’s Thugs in Public 3.5!!! This video is my new happy place! Isn’t that hot?  I’m totally craving ghetto ice cream from the truck. lawd. But I nearly peed myself at this response. Get it together. ohkay!!

Part of Our World: Samuel Colt & Chris Porter


Spend a day in the Magic Kingdom with Samuel Colt and Chris Porter.

REVIEW: The Last Sin from Stag Homme


The Last Sin from Stag Homme is a most pious guilty pleasure.

Take a Happy Break. Watch 4Minutes of GLEE!!!


Four Minutes from the Glee’s The Power of Madonna

It’s your body…

…go as hard as you want to. I need some sex therapy from  Men at Play like this…just sayin. dayum. This needs to be redone with all men, naked. Robin Thicke–Sex Therapy