COCKSUREMEN: Jessy Ares & Derek Parker Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!!!


Jessy Ares and Derek Parker have some serious chemistry! They kiss passionately and Jessy can’t keep his hands……

Gym Jam with Shay Michaels & Heath Jordan on Cocksuremen


Description: Shay Michaels is flat on his back pumping iron as his spotter, Heath Jordan, keeps a close eye on him. After three vigorous sets, Shay takes a well-deserved break. This hairy stud’s idea of a ‘rest’ means opening wide and swallowing Heath’s throbbing cock. Heath then gets on his knees alongside the bench and […]

TRAILER: Can’t Wait-Brady Jensen and Dean Monroe for Cocksuremen


If there was an Olympic event called “Speed Undressing,” Brady Jensen and Dean Monroe would be gold-medal winners!

TRAILER: Brady Jensen and Gavin Waters on Cocksuremen


Brady Jensen and Gavin Waters have a lot in common. They’re both blond, have perfect golden tans and are shaved smooth from head to toe. They’re also both horny as hell. Looking like they’ve just woken up from a nap, both guys are sprawled naked on the bed, stroking their hard cocks in unison. As […]

Cocksuremen: Spencer Reed & Dean Monroe


Spencer Reed tops Dean Monroe on Cocksuremen. HOT HOT HOT!

TRAILER SPAM: Dean Monore and Kevin Crows from Cocksuremen


Scene Description: Kevin Crows has an assortment of flavored lube that need to be sampled and it doesn’t take much to convince Dean Monroe to join him in this erotic taste test! The best way to sample flavors like watermelon, strawberry and lime is to apply the lube directly to various body parts, and that’s […]

TRAILER: Parker London & Conner Habib for Cocksuremen


Parker London and Conner Habib hook up on Cocksuremen.

Trailer: Steven Daigle & Brady Jensen for CocksureMen


Steven Daigle returns to Cocksuremen for a cook out with Brady Jenson.