REVIEW: Security Cams from Stag Homme


See how Alex and Valentin take a break from work on Stag Homme Studios!

TRAILER: The Dark Stag from Stag Homme Studios


From the creative vision of Francesco D’Macho comes the The Dark Stag, the fourth release from Stag Homme Studios.

Review: The Deal from Stag Homme


I love Stag Homme. The thing I like second best (the first should be obvious) is that I never, ever know what I’m gonna get. Is this week gonna be epic or porn!fail, the ones I scratched my head over. Even those I didn’t like as much still managed to be fucking brilliant. Stag Homme […]

REVIEW: Fight To the Top from Stag Homme


Fight, Fight, FIght. to the top…from Stag Homme Studios. Love it.

Stag Homme: From Dusk To Dawn


This is From Dusk to Dawn (or how my gay BFF finally touched me inappropriately and I liked it! !)

REVIEW: The Last Sin from Stag Homme


The Last Sin from Stag Homme is a most pious guilty pleasure.

REVIEW: Thugs in Public from Stag Homme Studios


Lucas Gabo gives us a show on the roof. Adjust your telescope. Don’t miss it.