Hot! Hot! Hot! Sexxx Toy



I’ve been lurking on Next Door Ebony. When the site first launched I was not turned on at all. However, during my porn hiatus NDE seems to have found men more to my liking (and added some of my hot porn friends) to their roster.

Yo’ mind ain’t playin’ games witcha. Sexxx Toy is back!! And he ain’t fuckin’ around, neitha’. WTF did you just say? Sit down and get comfortable (or stand up if that’s what you do) and get ready to take in one of the sexiest dudes to ever grace the digital pages of Next Door Ebony.

Sexxx Toy is fucking hot. He has great photos but a terrible trailer clip. Whomever made the call NOT to use the work out portion of the full scene missed a sales opportunity.  I can watch a good looking man work out…then rub one out. Love THAT!  Sexxx Toy has a fucktastic body, beautiful skin, and a gorgeous cock. I’m oogling the photos. I’d not kick this toy out of bed. winking

I’m gonna go find his other scene…big grin

Watch the SexxxToys full scene  *with* the hot ass workout.

SexxToy_02 SexxToy_03SexxToy_15 SexxToy_07 SexxToy_13

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