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I am a porn consumer. Sometimes I want to watch something quick, no plot, just two men having hot sex. Other times I want to fall into a fully thought out fantasy with hot sex. I end up watching the individual scenes feeling less than satisfied. Lucas Entertainment’s The Last Day is the kind of porn film I love and don’t quite get enough of.

When a scientific experiment goes horribly wrong resulting in the end of the earth, Jonathan Agassi goes on a fuck spree and finds out The Last Day isn’t all that it appears to be. There’s an impressive synopsis, but here’s my brief thoughts on the scenes.

Will Helm, Jonathan Agassi and Kris Aston

A trio made in heaven. There isn’t a more beautiful scene in this film. While the whole scene is a sensual delight, the cum shots are to die for.  Spectacular!!

Damien Crosse and Rafael Carreras


Two of my favorite performers in the same scene. Hell yeah. Damien and Rafael  are at the top of their game. Their sex left my senses devastated. I so completely loved this one. I washed, rinsed and repeated this scene more than once.

Adriano Carrasco and Issac Jones:


Adriano has a very fuckable Issac bound to a tree.  Issac’s got such smart mouth here, I’m torn between smacking him and ravishing him. Lucky for me, Adriano does both. Hot. Hot. Scene!!

Jonathan Agassi and Bruno Fernando Gutierrez


Jonathan nails Bruno. This scene is electric!  It was 100% Agassi, putting his body in the right places, doing things to himself, and making this moment count. There was nothing left for Bruno (and us) to do but take it. Take it. Take it. Take it. Whew! Surprised Bruno could walk after that.

I’m a little spent just thinking about all the hot sex in this movie!

Seamlessly interwoven between some delicious hot sex is an ambitious storyline which builds to an inevitable climax. It is easy to get engrossed in The Last Day, that is certain. This movie has some of the best looking guys around and includes some of my favorite performers and new porn crushes. All of them deliver fantastic performances, hot sex and lots of milky cum shots. Always a tremendous performer, Jonathan Agassi carries this film with loads of charisma and sex appeal. Whether he’s flat on his back, cum in his mustache with two other hot men or licking himself in the mirror fucking some lucky bastard into oblivion, Jonathan always gives good scene. I’ve seen Damien Crosse do a lot of ridiculously hot things, but he is truly on fire here. He says every one loves a victim. I tend to be hot for the bad guys. What do I say about Issac Jones?!  Issac’s breakout performance cannot be missed. He has the best lines, delivered with acerbic wit. Whenever Issac is on the screen, it’s hard to take your eyes off of him. Finally, the other hot performer was Ibiza herself. Shot entirely on location, The Last Day is like a tourist brochure for paradise. It *is* a paradise with hot as fuck men as your guide. This is where I long to be, La Isla Bonita. Ibiza is heaven!LVP123_The_Last_Day_72

I only have a few criticisms. Like ripping off a band-aid, it will be quick and painless.  Here we find these gorgeous men set upon a beautiful stage in which to play. On too many occasions I am snatched out of my idyllic fantasy by hyper guerrilla camerawork followed up by slopping editing.  When it’s done right, it’s magnificent. I could live with the inconsistent camerawork. What I  really wanted was a fifth sex scene. Usually I’m complaining that the sex scenes are too long, my attention has wavered and I’m bored. Here I wanted one more scene, preferably between Jonathan and Damien or Damien and Issac.  When the film ended, I shook the case hoping one would fall out. The sex in this film was just smoking hot. I wanted more. Greedy aren’t I!!

The Last Day is an erotic thriller that I enjoyed on many levels. Good on Lucas Entertainment for continuing to strive for excellence, to bring something new and innovative to the genre. The cast is stellar, the scenery is amazing and despite a few bumps, the film was a fun romp!  And yes, it’s porn, but the strength of the story makes this one stand out. While some will breeze through the plot points to get to the sex I believe the more will be completely entertained and satisfied with the complete fantasy The Last Day brings.

I highly, highly recommend The Last Day!

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  1. babakatt says:

    Great review. I’m really looking forward to this film. I love Lucas films,most of the ones I purchase are Lucas. The cast is amazing, so many beautiful men and in a beautiful setting. Jonathan is an awesome performer and could steal any scene. (Fingers crossed for another best actor award ) big grin

  2. Unicorn_Mike says:

    Cannot wait to see this video. Lucas is really producing some good stuff.

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