Power Professionals Jonathan Agassi and Marko Lebeau @Lucasent

From Power Professionals on Lucas Entertainment.com.

While browsing a sporting goods store, Jonathan Agassi isn’t so much interested in buying jockstraps as he is getting his hands all over the young and burly beefcake Marko Lebeau. They don’t waste time — Jonathan is a passionate guy, and he takes Marko into a booth, pulls the young man’s dress pants down, and slips his cock into his mouth. Marko loves every moment of Jonathan’s acrobatic lips and tongue — he moans and breathes heavy, all the while looking around to see if the couple’s sexual deed will be discovered. Before long, Marko is down on his knees with Jonathan’s dick in his mouth, and Jonathan being the hedonist he is, aggressively forces Marko to choke on his meat. But pumping mouth is not enough — it’s Marko’s meaty ass that Jonathan craves most, and on the open floor of the store they’re using as a personal playground, Jonathan fucks Marko hard and fast in various positions before Jonathan cums on his own chest and sucks a load out of Marko as the grand finale to their classy devilry!

I was totally looking forward to this scene, cos it’d been a bit since I’d had any hot Agassi action burning up my screen. It disconcerted me when scene started and ended without me being peeled off the ceiling like fruit roll up. I don’t know, something was missing. I didn’t think there was any chemistry between Agassi and Lebeau. It had all the potential for blowing my mind. The sex was straightforward and routine: blow, blow, suck, fuck, cum. And I really missed Jonathan’s porn chatter. He’s way too quiet for me. I’m an aural girl. I like boss, dirty talk. After the other two scenes from Power Professionals had me clamouring for more, this scene missed the mark.

I really hope there’s a behind the scenes clip for this one.

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