Five Friday Links

This week’s links aren’t full of bacon but still random enough to keep it interesting.  Check em out.

1. Ooh did you see TMZ?! Big Brother’s’ Gay Cowboy gets bucked on tape! Well the blogosphere is buzzing over Steven Daigle in Chi Chi La Rue’s Steven Daigle XXXPosed.  Read the details over at Jason Curious’s Desk.
2. C1R exclusive Jeremy Bilding wrote an eloquent response to all the G4P haters on his blog.  My life is complete now that I know Jeremy Biilding is a Necrobeastipedopheliac. He writes”I only get off using a dead kitten.” ha ha ha ha

3. From the twitterverse @DerekDaSilva tweets RT @PlanetMidori: Hello Kitty men’s underwear. What hunk do you want to see these on? So cute! Kawaiii! First thing I thought of was Sagat and Hello Kitty. He needs those underwear now!

But then, Tony Buff replies: @DerekDaSilva Yay! Hello Kitty underwear and rope… I’m envisioning a photo shoot.”

The world needs to see that, uh huh! :tongue:

4. Sperm cells have social lives says NPR, but I whole heartedly knew this bit of spooge news would catch the attention of the Industry’s resident semen specialist, Paul from the Sword. Sperm Cells Are Not Down With OPP

The Sperm Clique

5.  Just when things settled down from the G4P wank, Twitter was all a flutter over the GAYVN rumors. Are the GayVN’s canceled? What of our pub crawl?  Can we still do that? oh no! oh no!!! Well again via The Sword, we got the official word from AVN. GAYVN Awards: The Show Will Go On (at some point).

I know this was last week and shit but I’m missing you, Teddy.

Teddy Pendergrass March 26, 1950 – January 13, 2010


  1. My goodness, people do get heated over that gay for pay thing! I was fascinated by all the comments…

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