Race Cooper and Marcus Ruhl Fuck It All The Way Out In Militia on Raging Stallion


Race Cooper and Marcus Ruhl have explosive chemistry. Their sex is intense, aggressive and consumingly energetic. You don’t want to miss this one at. all.

“Power is Power” in Lucas Entertainment’s Power Play


When our gentlemen use a “Power Play” to get their men in bed after a hard day at the office, the real fun begins!

Michael Lucas Shows Donato Reyes Who’s the King of Cock in Hooking Up


Donato proves he’s a sex king after a pounding from Michael or does he? Watch and find out!

Kai B and Nubius Use Draven Torres in Setting the Bar on Next Door Ebony


When I look at the images from this scene, all I can think about is how Draven Torres is asking both of these guys to piss on him. Why else would he have on all that yellow? But alas, there is no pee, just sex, hot sex. Draven looks completely happy to be sandwiched in […]

Jay Black Gives Tyson Tyler A Deep and Hard Happy Ending on Next Door Ebony


Masseur Jay has naked hottie Tyson on his rub-down table.

Tony Buff Fists Race Cooper in a Sling in The Hand That Fists You!


New from Fetish Force…Tony Buff fists Race Cooper.

And The Winner The Most Creative Use Of A Hoodie Award Goes To…


Race uses his hoodie’s drawstring to harness Brian’s balls.

Hot! Hot! Hot! Sexxx Toy


Sexxx Toy has a fucktastic body, beautiful skin, and a gorgeous cock. I’m oogling the photos. I’d not kick this toy out of bed.

Shawn Wolfe and Heath Jordan are Furtasmically Hot in Milita!!


I loved Militia. I was even more thrilled to find my latest porn crush, Shawn Wolfe partnered with Heath Jordan, sexy man o’ fur. I loved this scene of torn sweaty mansmelly shirts and boots. It’s the little things that turn me on..Growl!!! Watch Shawn and Heath’s furtasmically hot scene! What in the hell is […]

Heatstroke. Oh Stroke me. Stroke me!!


After several days of insanely rough sex scenes here and here, I needed a something different. This was refreshing hot in an ‘omg it’s way too steamy in this apartment’ kinda way. All I need now is a Mint Julep. Heatstroke reminded me of the Trunks series. I really loved that. It’s the pool, naked men […]